• Trad3rs B&E

    • 9.5

    Bacon, egg with homemade piccalilli relish and labneh, serve with milk bun

  • Traders Brekky Burger

    • 12.5

    Bacon, sujuk, hash brown, egg, green slaw with homemade piccalilli relish and labneh

  • Shakshuka

    • 17.9

    Baked eggs with Spiced sujuk, tomato, onion topped with feta and  hint of chilli, side of toast

  • Mediterranean Egg

    • 17.5

    Spice cooked tomato eggplant chickpea ragout and soft poached eggs, based with confit garlic labneh and dressed with burnt chilli sauce and seed butter toasts

  • Traders Big Plate

    • 22.9

    Poached eggs, grilled bacon and sujuk, smashed avocado, grill tomatoes and kale salad dressed with vinaigrette and toast.

  • Granola Bowl

    • 14.9

    Coconut baked granola, pepita seed, sunflower seed, quinoa, almond, pistachio, macadamia nut with seasonal fruit, berries, poached pear and yoghurt  

  • Summer Avocado Smash

    • Regular 17.9
    • +GF +2.5
    • +Bacon +5.5
    • +Chicken +6.5

    Citrus Smashed avocado with fresh chopped herbs, feta and ricotta , topped with semi dried tomato pesto, fermented beetroot relish and soft poach egg on toast finish with sprinkle pine nut and herbs

  • French Toast

    • 16.9

    brioche toast with mango passionfruit curd, fresh berries and poached seasonal fruit topped with glazed swiss lemon meringue

  • Chicken From Thai

    • 18.9

    Thai style marinade chicken with Green apple, papaya, fennel, coriander, mint, thai basil, crispy wonton, dressed with thai tamarind vinaigrette and crushed cashew, sesame seed

  • Prawn Pasta

    • 24.9

    Pan fried garlic Tiger prawn with charred cauliflower, french onion, shred zucchini and creamy cauliflower pesto with house made fettuccine pasta topped with herb crumb and pecorino romano

  • Barramundi

    • 25.9

    Pan Fried barramundi with charred cauliflower, carrots, fennel, asparagus, broccolini, and kale salad mix with pine nuts, sesame seed and based with chickpea hummus.

  • Summer Vegan Broth

    • 17.9

    Blanched sweet potato noodles with zucchini, asparagus, in soy mirin mushroom broth, topped with coriander, mint chili, enoki salad and dressed with yuzu sesame dressing *** DF VG GF

  • The Legendary Beef Burger

    • 18.9

    Spice and Herb marinated beef patty with cheese, house pickled cucumber, tomato slaw mix mayonnaise and house made barbecue sauce and a side of French fries

  • Trad3rs Chicken burger

    • 18.9

    Asian Fusion style fried chicken burger with kogochujang chilli sauce and kaffir lime mayonnaise slaw and side of French fries

  • Egg on toast

    • 10

    Poached free range eggs on sourdough toast (with side add on option)  *** V

  • Side Options

    • Bacon 5.5
    • Chicken 6.5
    • Smashed Avocado 6.5
    • Sujuk 5.0
    • 1 Egg 3.0
    • 2 Eggs 5.0
    • Chips 4.5
    • Mix Greens 7.0
    • Slice Avocado 5.0
    • Hash Brown 3.0
  • *** For Scramble Eggs

    Please note that cost of 1 extra egg will be charged in addition.